DWF offer employability advice at the LJMU School of Law

Date: 19/09/12

The first Induction Employability event for LLB programme students was held at the LJMU School of Law last Friday, providing first year students with the opportunity to meet and receive advice from potential employers.

Simon Price, Associate and Professional Development Lawyer at DWF LLP, was one of the key speakers at the event which also welcomed Barrister Joanna Mallon and LJMU MPhil to PhD student Simon Hale-Ross. The event was organised by Law Lecturers Sarah Stirk and Alison Lui with LLB Programme Leader, Dr David Lowe.

DWF has strong ties with the University through its partnership with the World of Work programme, and LJMU law Lecturer Alison Lui, recently completed a staff work placement with DWF's Employment team. Over 20 DWF lawyers are now trained World of Work programme verifiers.

Simon commented on this event:

"As an employer, events like this are essential to us in offering advice to future graduates, investing in their progress at this early stage and ensuring that they are prepared for the world of work. In fact the most important advice we give to students is to be prepared, set up a plan early and have a consistent focus starting from the first year and right through university. Employers can always see who has put in this extra work, who is self-aware and has a story to tell, so it is also key to show your interests and be individual. DWF is pleased to work with LJMU through the School of Law and the World of Work programme and we have a number of Alumni from the University in successful positions within the company."

Sarah Stirk said: "The event was very successful with all the students saying that they found it either extremely or very helpful. This opportunity for law students aimed to start preparing them for the world of work from day one at LJMU and increase their employability awareness from the start."

Alison Lui added: "We will be offering more opportunities like this throughout their time at LJMU and look forward to furthering fostering our relationships with the speakers so that the students can benefit even more."

LJMU MPhil to PhD student Simon Hale-Ross, who is studying ‘Current and Potential Terror Threats to UK security in the 21st Century’ also spoke at the event. He said: "I was so inspired by my time at LJMU as an undergraduate that I decided to study at postgraduate level with the aim of becoming a lecturer. The teachers here are really amazing and the lectures were always interesting and informative, especially Dr David Lowe who is now my supervisor. I wanted to come to the event today to offer my support to students and talk about the importance of social media and how students can use it to their advantages for finding jobs and linking in with employers."

For further information about the LJMU School of Law please visit: http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/law/

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