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You trust us to be the best at what we do.  To test ourselves at every step.  We have a dedicated Business Excellence Team.  Day in, day out, they’re focused on ensuring we meet the very highest standards. That we have the right infrastructure, controls and processes in place to ensure success.  That we’re continually improving and developing our management systems and acting on feedback.  Guaranteeing that we’ll be at the forefront of legal excellence. 

Every year we complete a business-wide audit programme.  This is structured around our core areas of business, our Service Level Agreements, and the activities we undertake.  We run internal, external and client audits, review our complaints, professional indemnity and risk assessment information, as well as listening to what you’ve had to say in client care reviews and other feedback.  Our accreditation to the ISO 9001:2008 standard means we are externally assessed every six months. 

We can send you information about how our Boards, Compliance and Risk Management committee and teams are structured and run, as well as how they review and monitor strategic and operational risk.  We can also send you information about the ways we monitor and meet our statutory obligations in relation to the SRA Handbook, Regulations, professional indemnity and business continuity.  We can even explain how our constant evaluation and implementation of the latest IT means we’re able to do our jobs even better. 

What really makes us different, however, is that we’re always innovating and it’s a constant process, rather than a box-ticking exercise.

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